About Us:

Robin Wilt’s WOKE PAC is an organization created by and for women of color, with the goal of empowering traditionally underrepresented communities foremost among its priorities. Its mission is to change the make-up of political campaigns and diversify the progressive movement…because representation matters.

In our current political climate, the socioeconomic priorities facing traditionally underrepresented communities are often ignored because our perspectives are not considered when crafting policy agendas. By engaging a more inclusive and diverse representation of stakeholders in the electoral process—with our voice, with our advocacy, with our vote, and especially with our candidacy—we can enact meaningful change within our political institutions. By assuming our rightful place within all aspects of the electoral process, we can begin to hold elected officials accountable at the ballot box, and support candidates who share our values, or even ourselves become those change-agent candidates.

WOKE PAC believes that if more members of traditionally-disenfranchised communities are elected to office and have a seat at the decision-making table, the socioeconomic outcomes for our communities will improve. Our aim is to provide the infrastructure and resources necessary to successfully challenge and win in an electoral playing field that disadvantages non-traditional candidates. In our inaugural year, our goal is to raise $1 million to directly benefit candidates—especially those from underrepresented communities—that will continue the struggle for a socially-just agenda that prioritizes equity and inclusion. With your help and support, we can help to change the face of government at all jurisdictional levels to better represent the diversity of America, thereby strengthening our institutions, and focusing on the issues that matter most to the 99%.

We are empowering current and future generations to embody the change we want to see.

We hope you’ll join our movement: